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Weld Like a Girl is for women and men of all ages and background to draw inspiration from the content that is created and shared. Our brand is about welding, skilled trades, and creativity. We want to inspire you to create a life that you not only dream of but achieve. This platform is about optimizing your life to its full potential. Weld like a Girl + Industrious Co. is a place to express your passion for welding, skilled trades, ask questions, and share your inspiring stories.  Most of all we want to encourage you to be anything you want to be or aspire to be. We want to lead our youth to pursue the spark to create a flame by edging out each dream they seek. Exemplifying that there is no ceiling on dreams or knowledge, that a person only becomes refined and seasoned by dreaming, pursuing, doing and obtaining as much experience as possible. 

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Meet Gereka B. She is a woman welder from Philadelphia, PA. She graduated from welding school in 2015 and found out that she needed more training to get the job and pay she desired. #weldlikeagirl #hustle Just to let you know she is not letting anything stop her!!!

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Our follower's women vs. men. We love seeing men and women supporting each other #teamwork